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ChatGPT is gaining ground on the Internet. Since its public launch last year back, the tool amazes us in every way and contributes to the acceptance of artificial intelligence (AI) in our daily lives. We also see the smart chatbot appearing more and more in the news.
The AI chatbot ChatGPT can be used in a variety of ways; from answering everyday questions to writing complete articles, from creating specific nutrition and training schedules to writing reports with sources for students.
In this article, we will discuss what exactly Chat GPT is, how Chat GPT can be deployed for websites, development & marketing purposes and the impact of this smart chatbot on business. Furthermore, we will discuss the future of chat gpt and the upcoming cost / licensing models. Finally, I'll take you through some examples of how the tool can be deployed in practice.

What is chatGPT? And what company is behind it?

ChatGPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI, a research company specializing in artificial intelligence. Previously, the company behind ChatGPT released GPT-3 and DALL-E.The model is trained on billions of lines of text from the Internet, making it capable of generating natural text at a high level, as if speaking to a real human being.

In the form of a chatbot, users can ask questions to the language model after which it answers questions via artificial intelligence (just like you are used to in Google). By having a conversation with the smart chatbot, you can go deeper into your question and get the answer as clear as possible. And precisely this offers very interesting possibilities for marketing, business and everyday life alike.

For example, you can use chatGPT to create a nutrition plan that meets certain dietary requirements and calories, you can have it generate a poem for St. Nicholas, it can write WordPress plugins and code for you or it can generate clever marketing copy for your ads and websites.

The applications are endless.

What does chat GPT cost? Or is it free?

Currently, ChatGPT is free to use. However, keeping this tool running is very pricey.

Currently, OpenAI has expressed its intention to Chat GPT Professional to launch, a paid variant of the popular tool. OpenAI founder Sam Altman is already responding via Twitter that the cost of the tool is "tearfully" high that a permanent free variant cannot be guaranteed. There is currently talk of a price of $42 per month for the paid variant.

Examples: How to use the smart chatbot Chat GPT

As indicated earlier, use the chatbot for various purposes. Below, we let it create a nutrition schedule of 2000 kcal, chicken and special dietary needs. It is as simple as asking the chatbot to put together nutrition schedule.

nutrition chart-chatGPT

The more specific the input (question to the chatbot), the better the response.

This is a crucial part of dealing with AI. Whether you're working with DALL-E / Midjourney or our favorite smart copywriting tool Jasper AI (which also uses the GPT-3 model).

Is the answer not what you're looking for? Or if you want to go deeper into a section, you can send another command. For example, you could ask the chatbot to substitute chicken for beef and it will then adjust the entire diagram.

At, we obviously talk about building and marketing websites and web shops, so let's take a look at how ChatGPT can be used for this purpose.

Using ChatGPT for article writing

Because open AI has trained the model with billions of articles, words and topics, chatGPT is able to write about a wide range of topics. For example, the tool can be applied to generate ideas for topics within your niche, then elaborate these topics into a blog outline and then, headline by headline, supplement the entire article with relevant information.

So use the chatbot especially to break writer blocks and get inspiration for interesting articles. But let it never, ever replace your thinking skills. Use chatGPT to get great ideas and as support for your copywriting skills.

Simply copying the output and pasting it into your (WordPress) blog will be penalized soon enough by Google. Besides the fact that Google is getting better at detecting AI texts (more on that later), not everything it says is the truth / generated with correct spelling. Therefore, make sure to proofread, edit and supplement everything with the correct keywords.

Case study

During one of our coaching calls on using AI for copywriting and affiliate marketing, the following came up:

With chat GPT, how can we easily come up with ideas for articles and develop them?

As an example we took "Dealing with stress," it is as simple as asking the chatbot: "How do I deal with stress".

This will give you an advance start to then follow through on.

Q&A in chatGPT, the new googling?

We then make a choice and zoom in on it by asking the tool to generate 10 ideas for one of the given topics. You can, of course, repeat this process for the same or a new topic to come up with even more ideas.

Give me 10 blog ideas on Breathing exercises and how it can help reduce stress

The tool then gives you 10 ideas for articles within this topic.

Blog outline by chatGPT

We then choose one of the suggested articles and ask the tool to write a blog outline for the chosen article.

These kinds of techniques are useful to already have a blueprint of what the article is about, want to take the article to the next level? Then do your own research as well!

Content writing by chatGPT

The outline lists the main topics that you can in turn ask them to write out further and it looks like this.

This is a relatively simple example of how you can use the tool to do a pre-post on your articles.

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Using ChatGPT for online marketing

ChatGPT is extremely useful for generating marketing ideas, ad copy and social media related texts and content.

You simply ask the chatbot to generate ad text via an AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) or PAS (Pain, Agitate, Solution) and give it a brief explanation of your product.

It will then generate texts that are extremely useful for Facebook & Instagram advertisements, social media posts and email marketing.

Having trouble coming up with a Persona or evergreen email sequence in Mailchimp? Ask chatGPT!

In fact, it can be quite tricky to set up an email automation with evergreen content.

Chatgpt and email marketing

As you can see, you now have 10 ideas of emails to include in your evergreen mailing automation.

Do you doubt why the emails are put in this order? Ask the chatbot why the order is presented this way; you can learn a lot from this.

chatgpt explains why the email sequence should be this way

Using ChatGPT for development

In addition to generating texts and marketing ideas, it is also possible to apply chatGPT to web development and coding. The tool is capable of debugging code, writing entire WordPress plugins and providing advice on what steps you can take to build certain features into your app or website.

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In the example below, I deployed chatGPT to rescore the code of my WordPress plugin for my affiliate website. The plugin retrieves ACF repeater fields and creates a product changer that I can place on any product page through shortcode.

Using chatGPT for development

As with the other examples, you can then give instructions to improve the code or explain situations better.

the format repeater is inside a group called "formats"
This causes the code to be rewritten to the above input with the appropriate code comments.
As with anything made by AI, we use this as a starter and make our own adjustments to it where necessary.

ChatGPT versus Google

The power of chat gpt is starting to catch on with the mainstream audience. However, we are not yet to the point where it will beat Google search. But it does provide "the new kid on the block" effect.

At the very least, it's going to cause Google to have to keep innovating and perhaps slightly diminish its position of power.

The nice thing about searching via chat GPT is that you get immediate answers to your question without having to click on websites first. In addition, you can ask questions directly to get more specific answers. Something that Google sometimes makes more difficult.

ChatGPT vs. Jasper AI

Jasper AI vs chatGPT

Before ChatGPT was launched on the market, we were introduced to the powerful copywriting tool Jasper AI. Jasper uses the same language model (GPT 3.5) and is very similar to chatGPT here.

However, it has more recent events in its arsenal and is much better equipped for targeted content creation. In an extensive review, we already showed how well this tool can be used for your online business.

Currently we see that Jasper AI in the field of marketing generates better texts using PAS & AIDA formulas. So I use the two side by side to create the ultimate text for an article.

In addition it of course credits, so anything I can save with chatGPT is a nice collaboration between these tools.

Is chatGPT plagiarism or not? Can Google detect texts from chatGPT?

A frequently asked question is whether chatGPT can be used for SEO (search engine optimization). The underlying thought here is mainly whether Google is now already so far along to detect AI texts. The answer is actually already briefly given here: Yes, chatGPT can be used for SEO, provided you rewrite the texts.

Meanwhile, there are several tools on the market, both paid and free, to see how your SEO text scores in terms of AI or plagiarism. A well-known variant of this is the GPT-2 Output Detector Demo.

GPT-2 Output Detector Demo

The GPT-2 Detector allows you to analyze a text to see how "real" the text is. the tool analyzes all the words and determines if it was written by artificial intelligence. In this regard, we currently see that Dutch texts pass the test faster than English variants.

Orginality.AI - Plagiarism Checker & AI Detector

A paid but better variant is the tool from, which is gaining ground within online marketing. The tool can detect fairly accurately (94%) whether content produced by chatPGT, GPT-3 and GPT 3.5 (DaVinci-003).

Within Originalty AI you can scan your texts using credits ($0.01 per credit). With each credit you can scan 100 words.

Getting started with ChatGPT?

If you want to get started with ChatGPT, it is quite easy:

  1. Go to the website of OpenAI;
  2. Create an account, or log in through Google or Microsoft
  3. Verify your email
  4. Go to the "Playground" section to ask the chatbot questions, as many as you like.

ChatGPT is currently often overloaded, if you get a message: "ChatGPT is at capacity right now" try again later!

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Frequently asked questions about ChatGPT

Below is a list of frequently asked questions surrounding ChatGPT.

What is the Chat GPT login?

Is ChatGPT usable in Dutch?

Yes, you can talk to the chatbot in Dutch and get Dutch answers

Why is ChatGPT unavailable?

The hype is great around the smart chatbot. Consequently, the server capacity is running very full and is very pricey. So sometimes the chatbot is down.

Is Chat GPT Free?

Yes for now

Is Chat GPT safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use

Are there chatGPT alternatives

Yes there are alternatives such as Jasper AI and other tools that use the same language model.

Why does GPT-3 know so much?

GPT-3 is trained on some 570 GB of text input. Waabij 1 GB equals plus minus166,000,000 words. And that's a lot.

Is there a Chat gpt download?

There are third party apps that integrate chatGPT on android, be careful with this as there are also many rogue apps in circulation at the moment!

Can I ask chat GPT for sources?

Source citing in chatGPT is as simple as asking the chatbot to cite the sources. Handy for your reports ;)!

Dylan de Jonge

Dylan de Jonge is a Front-end developer and online marketer with a specialization in affiliate marketing. He is co-owner at the company the Website Builders & Webfresh where he takes care of creating professional websites and setting up successful online marketing campaigns for clients.

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