• Art Direction
  • Custom
  • WordPress
  • WPML (Multilingual)


  • Basic SEO optimization


  • Alliance Consulting
Alliance Consulting



For nearly 30 years, Alliance Consulting has been the specialist in executive search of talented latent job seekers for Dutch - and now also - Belgian companies. A multilingual website that works optimally on PC, Tablet and cell phones was developed for Alliance Consulting in 2015.

Art Direction

During the development of Alliance Consulting's website, we collaborated with the art-director Sjoerd Bongertman From Fool's Notion. The following colors and fonts were used throughout the process.

Washed Grey




Alliance Orange


Virgin white


PT Sans

Arial, Helvetica



Alliance Consulting's website consisted of a Flash website that needed to be rebuilt into a WordPress website. The website is easy to manage and the pages easily identified by the orange and white circle i.c.w. the black and white background images. These were chosen by the art director on this project.


Because Alliance Consulting operates in both the Netherlands and Belgium, it is necessary to implement multilingualism within the site. We did this by using the WPML plugin within WordPress. This allows each element to be translated individually within the website.

Before and after

Curious about how the website looked first and after completion? Via the slider below, we have superimposed the two versions. (Drag the slider from left to right).

Alliance Consulting Website Before Alliance Consulting Website After



The marketing we applied within this project was basic SEO optimization. This means that we optimized every page for Google and other search engines.

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