• Branding
  • Web design / UX
  • Custom
  • WordPress
  • E-commerce (Webshop)
  • Subscription implementation
  • iDeal, PayPal & Credit Card link with Mollie
  • Custom Child Theme


  • Technical & On-page SEO
  • Backlink management
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Management


  • Baby Box Today
The website builders created the Baby box today website



Baby Box Today is a company responding to the growing need for convenience in the form of a diaper subscription service. It positions itself as a luxury product within a large market by being dominated by deals on pampers and private brands.

Since Baby Box Today is its own project, we helped develop it from the beginning: from market research & personas to branding and realization of the website.

We then actively run SEA campaigns on both Google Ads and Facebook ads.

Featured Image Budget Box Large

Babyproof design & Corporate identity

Baby Blue

Baby Blue was chosen for the main color of Baby Box Today. A color that clearly recurs throughout the corporate identity.

Baby Box Today Elephant

We were looking for a logo that was recognizable and "baby brand proof." In the end, we went with a baby blue elephant.

Is convenience added convenience worth an extra cost?



Baby Box Today's website consists of a customized WordPress webshop which is focused on selling diaper subscriptions. However, WordPress does not have subscription forms. For this, we created several links that allow website visitors to easily purchase subscriptions. For this, we used the following techniques:

  • WordPress CMS
  • Premium WordPress theme + Custom child theme
  • WooCommerce E-Commerce system
  • Mollie payment system integration
  • Mollie recurring linkage
  • WooCommerce subscription integration

We used the WordPress CMS i.c.w. a custom Baby Box Today theme.

For the e-commerce system, we use WooCommerce i.c.w. some plugins to extend the functionality as desired: From invoice numbering to measuring specific data for marketing.

As described above, WooCommerce does not have a subscription feature. For this we have the WooCommerce Subscription plugin purchased and integrated. This plugin allows you to set up subscription forms and link them to products.

We then integrated the webshop with Mollie. Mollie is a Dutch payment provider that facilitates various payments such as iDeal, CreditCard and Paypal. By working with Mollie recurring i.c.m. WooCommerce subscriptions can be set up effectively.

Modern & Sleek

Product pages

On the product pages the "baby proof" corporate identity has been well taken into account. This by giving the titles a more playful font and recurring the baby blue color.

In addition to being playful, the page has a modern design that exudes confidence:

  • Secure payment methods
  • Customer reviews
  • Clear product photos
  • Explanation of subscription
Babyboxtoday Product Page



An essential part of a web shop is marketing. After all, how do we go about a website of a new concept of a needle in a haystack to leads & euros?

This boils down to a few key elements that, in my view, almost every website with a commercial point of view should meet:

  • Providing added value
  • Measuring data
  • Long-term findability through SEO
  • Short-term findability through SEA
  • Brand awareness through Social Media
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