The Challenge originally started as a hobby project. It gradually shared more BBQ recipes and information, but faced a few challenges. The website started with a simple theme and a lot of crude, non-SEO-friendly text that meant the articles did not display optimally in Google. In addition, they found it difficult to monetize their site. There were some ads scattered with affiliate links, but this was not enough to generate a steady revenue stream.

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Our Approach

At The Website Builders, we addressed these challenges by using a special affiliate theme that is packed with affiliate and marketing options. This theme, called reHUB, offers features such as automatic dates in titles, price comparators, and many templates that convert better. We have also introduced several custom message types that help with affiliate sales.

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In addition, we integrated Ezoic ads and started focusing on internal link building through LinkWhisper. We also sought out more targeted affiliate programs and highlighted them through Affiliatetable (product comparisons/product boxes) and Content Egg, in order to compare prices for products.

The Results

Since our partnership with, they have experienced tremendous growth in organic traffic and time on the page. From getting only 5-6 clicks per day, they now receive over 100 clicks on hot days. Moreover, visitor numbers and revenue have increased by over 600%.

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Customer testimonial

The team of is very happy with our improvements and is actively applying our tips regarding ChatGPT, content and SEO. We look forward to a continuation of our fruitful cooperation and are happy to help grow even further.

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