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  • Multilingualism (WPML)
  • Custom Child Theme
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Bbqow Website Mockup



BBQOW is company founded by the Creative Craftsman from the Utrecht area. These creative designers with years of experience in building live events have joined forces and developed a unique barbecue: The BBQOW.

The BBQOW is a custom design BBQ by Cor-Ten stand with the design of a cow as an ode to meat and Holland.

BBQOW webshop

The BBQOW is a high-end product (minimum €1995) to be purchased online after attending trade shows and events. For BBQOW, we created a multilingual site that exudes masculinity and where customers worldwide can purchase the BBQOW.

Male Web Design.



As mentioned earlier, we want to convey the feeling of masculinity, steel, fire and smoke when designing the website. The BBQOW is a real luxury product made for "real men." (Although, of course, women can just buy one).

Scattered throughout the site are multiple BBQ refences such as charcoal, steel and beer that evoke the real bbq feeling in the visitor.

In addition to these elements, the Creative Craftsman are very handy with 3D modeling. First of all, the BBQOWs are created in perfect detail within a 3D program. These renders with animations can be found on the website which gives it a very professional feel.



BBQOW's website consists of the WordPress CMS combined with some (premium) plugins to extend functionality as desired:

  • WordPress CMS
  • Premium WordPress theme + Custom child theme
  • WooCommerce E-Commerce system
  • Mollie payment system integration
  • WPML (WordPress Multilingual)

We used the WordPress CMS i.c.w. the premium theme Salient. We then built a custom child theme around this to customize it perfectly.

For the e-commerce system, we use WooCommerce i.c.w. some plugins to extend the functionality as desired: From invoice numbering to measuring specific data for marketing.

We then integrated the webshop with Mollie. Mollie is a Dutch payment provider that facilitates various payments such as iDeal, CreditCard and Paypal.

Modern & Sleek

Product pages

The product pages used different elements to match the branding. These include large bold titles and large images. At the bottom of each page, each product is highlighted in detail.

We also focused on both social proof and security. For example, the reviews & ratings are prominently displayed and the payment methods available on each product are directly in view. This is once again reinforced by the 100-day reflection period USP in the header.

We are very happy working with Dylan. He has helped us with a crucial phase within our company, created a working website within the time frame and provides online findability.

Patrick & SanderOwner
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