Rebuilding website

Buro Roelofs is a company specializing in family and relationship therapy. Before John Roelofs came to us, John had a website created that was not findable online and could not be properly visited on tablets & mobile devices.

After brief research, we discovered that the website was built with images instead of common web techniques. In addition, the design was outdated and in need of a fresh and modern redesign.

Together with John, we created a web design, commissioned professional photography and then built the website in WordPress.

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buro roelofs responsive website


John Roelofs is the face of Buro Roelofs and specializes in family and relationship therapy. A Buro without fuss, no bureaucracy, no long waiting times, no meetings but above all good direct care.

Because this is human work, we insisted on having professional photography taken. This so that potential clients can already get a picture of John as a therapist and the space they will be in. Below is an overview of some of the photos we had taken.