• Branding
  • Web design / UX
  • WordPress
  • E-commerce i.c.w. WooCommerce
  • Custom Child Theme
  • Dropshipping integration
  • iDeal, PayPal, Bitcoin & Credit Card link with Mollie


  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Backlink management


  • Mistify created Mistify's responsive website



Mistify is a private label dropshipping company from the Netherlands. It specializes in Essential oil and fragrance diffusers to create wonderful atmospheres in space. The name Mistify stands for the mystical, and the cold mist coming out of the diffuser.

Essential oil is a volatile oil extracted from parts of plants. These parts consist of the flowers, fruits, seeds, root and bark of the plant. This "Essential Oil" has been extracted for thousands of years, adding to its mystical and healing properties.

Mistify webshop

The plan is to create a web shop that exudes mystique and modernity on the front, but brings out the essence of the plant.

On the back end, the website should be integrated with AliExpress. This is where the products are purchased. The idea is that every order is automatically transferred from the Web shop to AliExpress to minimize the need for manual handling.

Branding & Web Design.



Mistify asked us to help with branding and positioning the brand in the marketplace.

How do we combat stigma?

The market has been stigmatized with the image that only bigoted alternative, spiritual people use essential oils. However, we are seeing an increasing rise of diffusers & essential Oils: Take an example from "The Perfume Genie" from Rituals. We also encounter them more and more at modern stores to create an atmosphere.

We are putting a modern spin on Mistify's positioning and branding to appeal to a younger and broader audience. We do this by least possible "floaty" texts use, give the web shop a modern sleek design and make as much use as possible of the feel of what you are buying.


Mistify's logo exudes mysticism, organic material and water; the basic elements of essential oil and cold mist. The blue circle can be seen from above as the inside of the diffuser.

Within it is a flower-shaped pattern whose leaves resemble both water droplets and leaves. It feels like a mandala.

Website Builders created the logo for Mistify



Mistify's website is also called a dropshipping webshop called. This means that customers buy from the web shop and these orders are transferred directly to the supplier. To make this work properly we have used the following techniques:

  • WordPress CMS
  • Premium WordPress theme + Custom child theme
  • WooCommerce E-Commerce system
  • Mollie payment system integration
  • AliDropship plugin

We used the WordPress CMS i.c.w. the premium theme Salient. We then built a custom child theme around this to customize it perfectly.

For the e-commerce system, we use WooCommerce i.c.w. some plugins to extend the functionality as desired: From invoice numbering to measuring specific data for marketing.

We then integrated the webshop with Mollie. Mollie is a Dutch payment provider that facilitates various payments such as iDeal, CreditCard and Paypal. We have extended this to Bitcoin payments at the client's request.

Finally, we have implemented one of the most famous AliExpress dropship plugins into the web shop: AliDropship. This plugin allows you to easily integrate products from AliExpress into your shop. In addition, it can automatically update inventory, transfer customer data to AliExpress and order the required products.

Modern & Sleek

Product pages

The product pages used different elements to match the branding. These include large bold titles and large images. At the bottom of each page, each product is highlighted in detail.

We also focused on both social proof and security. For example, the reviews & ratings are prominently displayed and the payment methods available on each product are directly in view. This is once again reinforced by the 100-day reflection period USP in the header.



An essential part of a web shop is marketing. After all, how do we go about a website of a new concept of a needle in a haystack to leads & euros?

This boils down to a few key elements that, in my view, almost every website with a commercial point of view should meet:

  • Providing added value
  • Measuring data
  • Long-term findability through SEO
  • Short-term findability through SEA
  • Brand awareness through Social Media

Offer added value

Websites that add value and provide solutions to the visitor's problems often see a much higher ROI. Providing the right information intertwined with Mistify's products will ensure a positive brand experience and a higher chance of a sale.

Measuring data

To measure is to know. This also applies to a website. We have several measurement tools integrated into the website such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Hotjar. This allows us to accurately examine visitor behavior and make the necessary adjustments to make the website experience better and increase conversion.


For Mistify, we set up and maintained Facebook ads & Google Shopping campaigns.


We share products, blog posts & updates through socials to stay in touch with Mistify's social following. The media used are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and twitter.


We applied search engine marketing (SEO) in various forms. The project was set up with the well-known YOAST SEO framework so that each page could be optimized for the right keywords.

At the global level, we have neatly set up the proper SILO link structure and made sure that the permalinks of the products are clean.

The website is subjected to a monthly (technical) SEO scan subjected and reports are issued for this and problems are resolved.

Finally, we do keyword research from which blog posts for the blog emerge. You'll find more on that below.


The blog

By doing keyword research through our SEO tools, we see exactly what are popular topics that many potential customers are searching on.

We also see what the current top 10 websites rank for that keyword are. This allows us to set the right course and determine which keywords to focus on.

Then we write a briefing so our SEO copywriting partner can write the page or blog post.

Finally, we measure the chosen keywords so we can track exactly which positions Mistify begins to rise over time.

The website builders did a great job helping me develop a concept into a web shop that actually makes money.

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