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CONCEPT is one of the largest and most popular travel blogs in the Netherlands. Greg & Irene have been traveling the world and reporting on amazing places on their WordPress blog since 2014. Since 2014, the website has become one of the busiest travel blogs in the Netherlands.

So a tremendously cool project to work on as an agency.

Customization & Deploy management.



Reisjunk's website consists of a custom WordPress theme and many different features that enhance the website experience. Thus, we continue to work closely with Reisjunk every month to make the website a little better and faster all the time.


The website builders supports Reisjunk with all the custom work. This includes (re)writing PHP code for WordPress themes, plugins and new features. But we also help with the (UX) design of the website.

For example, we recently implemented a new Google Maps alternative called mapbox and then configured it complete with custom markers to blog categories.

Traveljunk custom mapbox implementation

Deploy Management

Working on a popular blog where dozens (up to 100+) of visitors read articles simultaneously every second is delicate work. We schedule releasing updates carefully and outside of peak times so that there are as many least possible burden is encountered.

Visitor Number Traveljunk Currently



Besides the further development of the website, we also support in the field of online marketing. Analyzing and advising the website in terms of SEO: Both technical, on-page and backlink level. This way we keep the quality of the website high and above the competition.

We also closely monitor the rankings of several key keywords of Reisjunk (and competitors) with our ranking tools. We also run cloud reports for this so that the rankings can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Dylan is always happy to think about improvements to our website and finds creative solutions to features that don't work well every time.

Greg & IreneOwners
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