Goldsmith x Urban

One of the more unique niches we have worked for is Grills & Gold Teeth. Twenty20jewelry specializes in creating custom jewelry, gold teeth and handmade grills.

Edgar from Twenty20 has asked us for a WordPress website development with an urban look befitting its brand.

Important was that he can showcase his products and that at all times the visitor can easily go to the quote & rates page. This is because rates of gold & silver fluctuate quite a bit.

On the quote page, visitors can easily specify their preference + finish and also upload reference materials so that Edgar can provide immediate pricing feedback and convert the lead into a sale.

During construction, SEO i.c.w. clean url structures were taken into account.

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Curious about Twenty20jewelry's website? Check it out via the button below.

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The goldsmith at work

Wondering how Edgar makes his jewelry, teeth and grills? Then check out the video below.