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Van Engeland-de Groot is one of the largest lumberyards in North Brabant. It is a traditional business where consumers and businesses can drive onto the premises, pick out wood, have it cut to size and take it back with them. For years, both acquisition and answering questions have been done over the phone.

The website builder is working with VEDG on an online strategy in which it is introducing more and more digital within the company

We created a website in which the entire assortment could be highlighted in a clear manner. In addition, the website answers frequently asked questions. The result is a better service and less demand related calls.

In addition to the website, a lot of work is being done behind the scenes to make the website findable and increase VEDG's digital presence through Social Media.

The next step is an e-commerce (Web store) where customers can order the wood directly.

Digitize a classic market.



The current variant of is a perfect first step toward a complete e-commerce driven environment.


First of all, the structure of the website was carefully considered during the concept phase. Since VEDG sells many products in, it is important to have a clear silo structure by categories of products. This allows a customer looking for oak wood beams, for example, to get to his destination quickly.

Web development

The website was developed with the uncluttered WordPress CMS. A custom child theme was developed for VEDG. The website is lightning fast and fully responsive, which means websites work optimally on mobile, tablet and computers.

The ease of managing the website in WordPress i.c.m. a visual editor makes it possible for VEDG employees to edit information on the website themselves after a short training.

Web design

During the design of the website, VEDG's corporate identity was taken into account.

Color & Material

The bright red and black colors mixed with shades of wood, steel and nature are evident in the design of VEDG's website.

Deep Red


Black steel






In addition to developing the WordPress website, online marketing was applied. After all, the website is a needle in a haystack after its creation. By applying various online marketing techniques, we build additional findability and visibility of the VEDG website every month.


The website and pages are optimized to be found better in Google. This includes on-page optimization, technical SEO but also link building.


Simply putting offers on your website and hoping to be found is a losing battle. Using keyword research, our copywriters have written articles that contribute to offering added value to website visitors. This way we show that we do not only sell but also advise what you can do with the wood.


In recent years, various ad campaigns such as Facebook ads and Marketplace ads are being used. These provide visitors while organic visitors through SEO grow slowly.

Social Media

Finally, social media is used for both free visitors and social signals for pages on the website. We find it very important that VEDG stays in the picture with (potential) customers.

Thus, we actively direct and coach on posting different types of social media posts. (commerce, final results of woodwork, news updates)

Dylan created and keeps our website up to date. He gives good and forward-looking directions for my business in coach meetings. He keeps his appointments and is positive and energetic in his dealings.

Wilco de GrootOwner
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